Bringing the underground above ground since 1992

Work with the best in the business. When it comes to mapping and exposing underground utilities, VacX is your trusted solution.

We specialize in designating, locating, and recording underground facilities for a wide variety of projects, and we’re proud of our work. VacX provides the industry’s most advanced data management and recording to give our customers the most for their money.

Experience the difference for yourself. From initial planning and development to designing and construction, VacX only uses the most state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We’re committed to supporting our customers, and we’ll obtain permits, provide traffic control, and handle participating utility and ROW operators.

Our strong commitment to safety and cost efficiency is clear, and we bring our years of expertise to every single project. For identifying, locating, and mapping underground utilities, work with VacX.





VacX provides the following services associated with Utility Mapping:

  • Designating - Electronic sweep may reveal presence of underground facilities.

  • Potholing - Physically expose the utilities by vacuum excavation method.

  • Recording - Field tie utilities to temporary references or fixed features.

  • Data Management - Collect, record and report the precise location of utilities.

From start to finish:

  • Secure the ROW encroachment permits.

  • Submit traffic control plans and secure agency approval.

  • Provide traffic control.

  • Coordinate activities with all affected Utility Operators.

  • Amortize costs and direct bill to participating Utility and ROW Operators.

Everyone shares the same information:

All affected parties receive the same data reports in a timely manner and in a consistent format. The list of data recipients includes:

  • ROW operators such as City, County and State Agencies.

  • In-house engineering design team.

  • Outside consulting engineering firms.

  • Participating Utility Operators.

Other VacX services include:

  • Vacuum excavation around delicate tree root systems.

  • Vacuum excavation to expose underground utilities for service or repairs.

  • Pipe investigations using sonding and cameras in order to determine direction, condition, blind "T" connections and capped pipes.

  • Lowering and raising valve cans.