Staying on budget and on schedule is crucial. It can’t be done without the best equipment in the industry. We use an advanced sonde device to pinpoint underground sewer lines and conduit locations. Tracing out the direction of utility runs this way means a cost-savings to customers and a faster project timeline.

VacX has been providing precise sonding services for underground utility runs for more than a decade, and we bring a team of highly trained professionals to each and every project.

Many projects require reliable sonding to maintain a safe and effective work area and project timeline. When you’re ready to receive the most accurate utility run mapping and locating services, contact us and learn more about what we offer.



VacX provides cutting edge camera service for mapping and preparing underground utility projects. As leaders in the industry, we pair proven techniques with cutting edge technology to deliver pinpoint results with pinpoint accuracy.

Excellent underground services require a team that’s mastered advanced equipment. VacX utilizes a special camera designed to go down the utility to record distances and find bends or Tees in underground pipe. This industry-proven way of inspecting damaged or blocked pipes has consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.

From the most complex construction projects to one-day mapping jobs, VacX's service is the best in the business. Call us today and start working with a team of experienced professionals trained to use leading technology.



Start every project off right. Put locating services in the hands of a team ready to handle the advanced equipment and technical results to give you the most accurate view.

We use sonding and cameras to locate and investigate the direction and condition of blind “T” connections and capped pipes, and locate underground utilities with precision and accuracy you won’t find anywhere else.

VacX has a proven track record of using precise location services for a variety of utility and construction projects. Depending on your specific project needs, we’re able to use the industry’s most advanced locating technology to provide consistent and accurate results. Contact us today and start your underground utility project off the right way.