The Western States have countless underground utility needs, and VacX has been providing innovative solutions throughout the area since 1992. We’ve been building a solid reputation ever since.

The patented VacX vacuum excavation system was exclusively designed, tested, and manufactured by G.A.W. Inc., and has three features that provide serious cost savings for our customers.

  • The ability to regulate water pressure during the excavation process insures that there’s no damage to utility facility wrapping, coating, or other protective coatings and there’s minimum soil erosion.

  • We’re able to separate solids and liquids during excavation so potholes can be quickly refilled using our proprietary controlled density backfill method, saving you time and money.

  • One truck and traffic control setup can complete the entire process of a utility test hole.

From the initial electronic locating to final resurfacing, we bring precision and efficiency to every project. Our team is fully dedicated to preserving the Right of Way and preventing damage to the utility.